Half Light

Media - 1976.41 - SAAM-1976.41_1 - 65295
Copied Mary Pinchot Meyer, Half Light, 1964, synthetic polymer on fabric: canvas, 60 18 in. (152.7 cm.) diam., Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Quentin and Mark Meyer, 1976.41

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Half Light
60 18 in. (152.7 cm.) diam.
Credit Line
Gift of Quentin and Mark Meyer
Mediums Description
synthetic polymer on fabric: canvas
  • Abstract
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Artwork Description

In my paintings, the color is the form.
--Mary Pinchot Meyer

The tondo--or circular canvas--was a favorite format for Mary Pinchot Meyer. Half Light is divided into precise quadrants. Their colors alternate in tone and hue, with pale lavender and blue contrasting crisply with earthy olive green and brown.

Meyer used thinned paint to penetrate the fibers of the canvas, thus melding color with form. She noted that there are no lines in her paintings, only edges "where one color stops and another starts." The artist did, however, draw two tiny dots in this composition. Can you find them?