Leaf Vessel

Copied Kay Sekimachi, Leaf Vessel, ca. 2012, big-leaf maple leaf, kōzo paper, watercolor, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Fleur S. Bresler, 2021.48.4

Artwork Details

Leaf Vessel
ca. 2012
Not on view
Credit Line
Gift of Fleur S. Bresler
Mediums Description
big-leaf maple leaf, kōzo paper, watercolor
  • Object — other — container
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Artwork Description

Leaf Vessel illuminates a sublime pattern of nature. Kay Sekimachi shaped big-leaf maple leaves into a delicate, blooming vessel. The base of the vessel is made from kozo (mulberry) paper cut into the shapes of oak leaves and molded into a rounded form. The artist has experimented with many unconventional materials, including monofilament (fishing line), hornets’ nests, shells, and antique Japanese paper, to create ethereal artworks.

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