T.V. Clock

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Copied Nam June Paik, Paik, Nam June (related), T.V. Clock, 1963/1981, eleven fixed-image televisions, dimensions variable, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift to the Nam June Paik Archive from the Nam June Paik Estate, NJP.1.TV.42.1-.11

Artwork Details

T.V. Clock
Not on view
dimensions variable
Credit Line
Gift to the Nam June Paik Archive from the Nam June Paik Estate
Mediums Description
eleven fixed-image televisions
  • Object — furniture — clock
  • Object — furniture — television
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Artwork Description

Nam June Paik's T.V. Clock transforms time into a sculptural electronic object. In this seminal work of art, Paik rendered the hours through a single line drawn in electric light on a modified TV screen. Paik's minimal electronic mark, which is tethered to the sophisticated and global apparatus of TV, unleashes a host of ideas about our shared experience of time, through technology, space, cultures, and connectivity. Nam June Paik exhibited many versions of T.V. Clock.

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