Accessibility: Musical Thinking Sensory Map

For the exhibition Musical Thinking

Overhead view of gallery shaded by light and sound level with art, bench, and sensory indicator

Access Brochure

Visual Description

Overhead architectural style view of the rectangular exhibition space. Walkways are shaded light gray and are coded as “well lit / some sound” in the sensory key. Across the top are four rectangular rooms shaded dark gray to signal “low light / loud sound.” There is also a similar room in the bottom right. In each room are orange rectangles to signal seating. The seat furthest to the right in each gallery, except the first gallery on the bottom right, has a sound-wave haptic symbol and blue light halo to indicate vibrational seating. The artwork in each gallery is coded light purple. Along the entrance walkway (indicated with an arrow) to the right, the intro text, elevators, and bathrooms are labeled. The interactive artworks are labeled dark orange, specifically a bench with headphones on it and a square dance floor with a haptic T-shaped walkway. The light reflective tinsel surrounding the dance floor on three sides is also indicated through striped lines. Content alerts, a yellow triangle with a black exclamation point, are in the second gallery from the top left, the work on the outside wall of that gallery, the top gallery furthest to the right, and the work outside the bottom right gallery.