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  • James Rosenquist
    Pop Goes the Artist: James Rosenquist at SAAM
    Interesting what happens when an artist speaks about his/her life and work: you get to see the other side of the canvas. As part of the Clarice Smith Distinguished Lectures in American Art, James Rosenquist, an artist on the Pop scene since the 1960s, spoke to an standing-room only house at SAAM on 11.28.
  • Media - 1967.121 - SAAM-1967.121_2 - 128189
    Different Strokes: Helen Frankenthaler
    I plan to make this post the first in a series on technique and medium. Paint. The stuff that gets under the artist’s fingernails, and can barely be scrubbed away. I love paint. I love color. I love walking up to a painting and trying to decipher its DNA.
  • Kogod at Night
    With the new glass canopy in place, the courtyard itself becomes a place of changing light, in a sense, alive.
  • Warhol people in the Kogod Courtyard
    Fifteen Minutes…Going on Sixteen
    Today, during the family festival in the new courtyard you'll be able to make Andy Warhol-like collages using cool, vibrant, colorful materials.
  • Courtyard Hats
    Hats Off, Hands On
    One of the coolest things going on this afternoon is the area where you can make your own hats. You begin by working with a basic shape of a hat but whatever else you add is really up to your own imagination.
  • Courtyard Visitor Documents Canopy
    Courtyard Officially Opens!
    It's a little after noon on Sunday and the Kogod Courtyard is now open. The sun is shining through the beautiful new glass canopy, and it's the perfect day to spend some time listening to music or create a hands-on project with friends and/or members of your family.
  • Media - 2008.3 - 2008.3_1a.jpg - 67601
    Jenny Holzer: Word on the Street
    There was a huge crane outside the museum and a large truck that contained Holzer's For SAAM, her 2007 conceptual site-specific sculpture. The twenty-eight-foot piece was protected by a long crate.