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  • Print of a hot dog bridge under a rainbow.
    Fourth of July Journey Through American Art
    Whatever your plans for America's birthday, we have an artwork to fit. Pour yourself a lemonade, find a spot in the shade, and enjoy your holiday with a dash of American art.
  • An abstract black and white photograph.
    Alternative Futures: What Does AI Mean for Artists? 
    We revisit a panel discussion from 2018 with Trevor Paglen, who incorporates questions around AI into his artistic practice
  • Painting of a bouquet of multicolored flowers on the left and outline of bouquet of flowers in black contour line over white on the right.
    Expression or Meditation: Coloring Pages for All Ages 
    Coloring books can offer space for creativity or release for children and adults. Inspired by artwork in SAAM’s collection, while away a quiet afternoon with some art supplies and our coloring sheets.
  • A close up of a woman of color's face on a stamp.
    Edmonia Lewis and Her Stamp on American Art
    Explore the life and work of this groundbreaking American sculptor
  • Dark starry night sky
    Black Friday Art Browsing
    Not to be shady, but sometimes the cure for Black Friday stress is art
  • An abstract work in red and white
    Skipping Valentine’s Day and Focusing on Friends
    Who needs hearts and flowers when you have a group text?
  • A painting of two figures.
    Hey Mom, I Made You This Card
    Still looking for the right card? SAAM celebrates all mother figures with artworks from our collection.
  • A recreation of a drypoint study of a dog by Jessie A. Walker.
    SAAM’s Best Friends: Animals in Art and at Home
    Because at SAAM everything eventually comes back to American art, some of us have been inspired to model our sweet, sassy, bored, annoyed, sleepy, amusing pets after favorite artworks in our collection. We offer them as amusement and inspiration, and as evidence of the creativity and sense of humor we appreciate in each other.
  • Media - 1967.59.616 - SAAM-1967.59.616_1 - 81335
    SAAM Hears America Singing
    Walt Whitman, born in 1819, would be celebrating his two-hundredth birthday today, if such a thing were possible. Let us celebrate the poet with a round of American art from our collection.
  • Media - 1982.39 - SAAM-1982.39_1 - 6858
    A Woman Deserving our Attention and RESPECT
    In honor of the Queen of Soul, the iconic singer and songwriter, Aretha Franklin.
  • Media - 1976.108.109 - SAAM-1976.108.109_1 - 4852
    4th of July, All Day Long
    To celebrate the Fourth of July, here's a parade of artworks.
  • The image shows a view of two room of one of the doll houses
    Recipe for a Holiday Murder Mystery
    We challenge you to create your own murder mystery crime scene. Out of gingerbread.
  • Splash Image - Photography Encouraged: Imagination and Association
    Photography Encouraged: Imagination and Association
    One of the best parts of my day is the time I set aside to search through the comments and photos people share with us on social media about the museum's artworks.
  • Splash Image - The Renwick Gallery and the Space in Between
    The Renwick Gallery and the Space in Between
    For more than a year, Janet Echelman's woven sculpture 1.8 Renwick has beckoned people into the Grand Salon. Suspended high above, the billowing nets transform the space. At once an artwork and an experience, people walk around the room as colors projected on the hand-knotted nets shift, or stretch out on the floor for a new view and a moment of peace.
  • Splash Image - Can You Name #5WomenArtists?
    Can You Name #5WomenArtists?
    It all began with a challenge, exactly one year ago. The National Museum of Women in the Arts posed a question and the goal was simple: get people talking about women artists.
  • Splash Image - Guest Curator Dakin Hart Speaks About the Work of Isamu Noguchi
    Guest Curator Dakin Hart Speaks About the Work of Isamu Noguchi
    On December 1, Dakin Hart, senior curator of The Noguchi Museum and co-curator of Isamu Noguchi, Archaic/Modern gave a talk at SAAM on the themes of the exhibition. As Hart navigates Noguchi's visionary work, he looks at the artist's ability to take inspiration from the ancient and the modern to create abstract and timeless works.
  • Image Not Available
    Photography Encouraged: Noguchi Edition
    Today, we begin a periodic series of photos visitors take in our galleries where, with many exhibitions, photography is encouraged. In my daily dive into our social media interactions, I take note of the unique ways you, our visitors, capture your experience in SAAM and the Renwick Gallery.
  • Image Not Available
    Pokémon Go: Games, Art, and Open Spaces at the Museum
    Shortly after its release, colleagues began playing Pokémon Go —an augmented reality game that has captured the imagination of the entire internet. Museum visitors were doing the same. At the Smithsonian American Art Museum, new games are often received with more enthusiasm than might be expected of an art museum. Perhaps you've heard, SAAM has a long history with games. Creating, collecting, exhibiting, and, of course, playing them. They're fun, they're often beautiful, and best of all, they connect people.