Women Artists

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Abad, Pacita
Abbott, Berenice

"Paris was where the 20th century was." Should the remark so often quoted and attributed to Gertrude Stein prove apocryphal, it would make no difference.

Abbott, Mary
Abelman, Ida
Abercrombie, Gertrude
Acheson, Alice
Ackerman, Evelyn
Adams, Lyn
Adams, Mary Kawennatakie

Mary Adams's life—her dual Mohawk and Catholic heritage—is interwoven with her splint ash and sweet grass baskets. During a childhood of poverty in the late 1920s along the banks of the St.

Adams, Renie Breskin

Born in Michigan City, Indiana, Renie Breskin Adams earned three degrees from Indiana University: B.A., psychology, 1960; M.A., anthropology, 1965; and M.F.A., fiber, 1973.

Adkins, Minnie
Aebersold, Jane Ford
Agnew, Terese
Aguado, Deborah
Aguilar, Laura
Aguilar, Linda
Agutte, Georgette
Aiken, Gayleen
Akers, Adela

In 1965 Adela Akers traveled to Peru as a weaving adviser to the Alliance for Progress Program. In South America, she was deeply influenced by the innovative textiles of pre-Columbian Peruvian weavers, and researched ancient fiber traditions.

Akin, Eliza Cox
Al-Hilali, Neda
Alba, Elia
Albee, Grace
Albers, Anni

The daughter of a furniture manufacturer, Anni Albers (née Fleischmann) was born in Berlin. After studying art with a private tutor, and then with impressionist painter Martin Brandenburg, she continued her training at the School of Applied Art in Hamburg and the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau.

Albizu, Olga
Albro, Maxine
Allott, Patricia
Alper, Natalie
Alquilar, Maria

Born in New York. The daughter of a Russian Jewish mother and Spanish father. Her altarpieces seek to explore the mythic heritage of many cultures and expose their common threads.

Alvarez, Laura
Aman, Jane
Amendolara, Suzanne L.

Sue Amendolara earned her Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University in 1988. She's an Assistant Professor of Jewelry Design/Metalsmithing at Edinboro University, Edinboro, Pennsylvania.

Ames, Irene
Amézcua, Consuelo González

Consuelo "Chelo" González Amézcua was a self-taught artist born in Piedras Negras, Mexico, in 1903. She immigrated to the United States in 1913. Her ballpoint pen-and-ink drawings are filled with decorative, complex, repetitive patterning of fine lines, which took as long as a month to complete.

Amos, Emma
Andersen, Mary